Alycen Wiacek Successfully Defended Her PhD Dissertation

Congratulations to PULSE Lab member Dr. Alycen Wiacek! She successfully defended her PhD dissertation on June 1, 2021. Her defense presentation was entitled Coherence-Based Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging with Applications in Breast Mass Diagnosis and Hysterectomy Guidance. Alycen secured a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at her alma mater, Oakland University, and her post-graduate plans are to assume this new position in Fall 2022.

Happy Holidays from the PULSE Lab

The PULSE Lab gathered for an outdoor lab lunch in celebration of the end of the semester and the onset of the holidays.

Clockwise from top left: Michelle, Arunima, Alycen, Jiaxin, Eduardo, Junior, Prof. Bell, Mardava, Lingyi.

Happy Holidays from the PULSE Lab!

Arun Nair Successfully Defended His PhD Dissertation

Congratulations to PULSE Lab member Dr. Arun Nair! He successfully defended his PhD dissertation on May 25, 2021. Arun was co-advised by ECE Profs. Bell and Tran. His defense presentation was entitled Machine Learning for Beamforming in Ultrasound, Radar, and Audio. Arun, his fellow labmates, and his co-advisors celebrated with an outdoor dinner and a delicious cake creation from PULSE Lab member Kelley Kempski. Arun’s post-graduate plans are to work for Amazon, Inc. in the Bay area.