Five Abstracts Accepted to IEEE IUS 2021 & Prof. Bell Co-Hosts Annual WIE Event

The following PULSE Lab abstracts were accepted for presentation during the 2021 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) to be held on September 11-16, 2021 online (due to COVID-19).

  1. A Beamformer-Independent Method to Predict Photoacoustic Visual Servoing System Failure from a Single Image Frame to be presented by Eduardo González in the session entitled Imaging & Image Enhancement & Decluttering II (PM) to
  2. Comparison of Compressional and Elastic Photoacoustic Simulations for Planning, Imaging, and Guidance of Neurosurgeries to be presented by Michelle Graham in the session entitled Photoacoustic Imaging III (PM) to
  3. Quantifying the Impact of Breast Density on the Lag-One Coherence of Hypoechoic Masses to be presented by Alycen Wiacek in the session entitled Beamforming Methodologies & Devices (PM) to
  4. A Method to Estimate the Spatial Coherence of Photoacoustic Channel Data Without Access to Channel Data to be presented by Kelley Kempski & Mardava Gubbi in the session entitled Beamforming Methodologies & Devices (PM)  to
  5. Extending CohereNet to Retain Physical Features When Classifying Benign or Malignant Breast Masses to be presented by Alycen Wiacek in the session entitled Tissue Characterization II (PM) to

Congrats to Alycen, Eduardo, Michelle, Kelley, and Mardava!

In addition to co-authoring the above publications:

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