IEEE IUS 2019 Recap

The PULSE Lab recently returned from an inspiring and memorable 2019 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), which took place in Glasgow, Scotland this year.

The following highlights from our trip include a series of oral and poster presentations, contributions to a panel discussion with legendary photoacoustic experts, and a wonderful dose of Scottish cultural immersion during the Gala Dinner at Merchant Square:

  • Alycen Wiacek presented “CohereNet: A Deep Learning Approach to Coherence-Based Beamforming”
  • Arun Nair presented “One-Step Deep Learning Approach to Ultrasound Image Formation and Image Segmentation with a Fully Convolutional Neural Network”
  • Eduardo González presented “GPU Implementation of Coherence-Based Photoacoustic Beamforming for Autonomous Visual Servoing” 
  • Michelle Graham presented “Simulations and experimental assessment of optimal receiver locations for Photoacoustic image guidance during minimally invasive neurosurgeries”
  • Prof. Bell contributed her perspectives on surgery and deep learning applications for photoacoustic imaging in a one-of-a-kind panel discussion with an international swath of photoacoustic pioneers, including Paul Beard from University College London, Lihong Wang from California Institute of Technology, Stanislav Emelianov from Georgia Institute of Technology, and Matthew O’Donnell from University of Washington. The discussion was moderated by Michael Kolios from Ryerson University

Thanks to Kelsey Kubick from Georgia Institute of Technology and Eno Hysi from Ryerson University for providing pictures of the panel discussion!