Five PULSE Lab Abstracts Accepted to UITC 2018

PULSE Lab members will present the following five talks at the International Symposium on Ultrasonic Imaging and Tissue Characterization, May 30 – June 1, 2018:

  1. Application of robust short-lag spatial coherence beamforming to breast ultrasound data, Alycen Wiacek, Ole Marius Hoel Rindal, Kelly Fabrega-Foster, Susan Harvey, Muyinatu
    A. Lediju Bell, Johns Hopkins U. and U. Oslo
  2. Implications of theoretical photoacoustic spatial covariance for short-lag spatial coherence imaging, Michelle T. Graham, Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell
  3. Deep learning alternative to beamforming ultrasound images, Arun Asokan Nair, Trac D. Tran, Austin Reiter, Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell
  4. Deep learning for photoacoustic source detection and reflection artifact removal, Derek M. Allman, Austin Reiter, Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell
  5. Comparative study of CT-US registration performance with DAS and SLSC ultrasound beamforming techniques, Eduardo Gonzalez,  Michelle Graham,  Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell

Symposium website: