Four PULSE Lab Presentations at UITC 2017

PULSE Lab members presented the following four talks at the International Symposium on Ultrasonic Imaging and Tissue Characterization, June 5-7, 2017:

  1. Principal component short-lag spatial coherence imaging (PC-SLSC), Arun Asokan Nair, Trac D. Tran and Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell
  2. Photoacoustic-based visual servoing of needle tips to improve surgery on obese patients, Joshua Shubert and Muyinatu Bell
  3. Theoretical application of short-lag spatial coherence to photoacoustic imaging, Michelle Graham and Muyinatu Lediju Bell
  4. Evaluation of a convolutional neural network for identifying reflection artifacts in photoacoustic imaging, Derek M. Allman, Austin Reiter and Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell

Michelle (left) and Derek (right) giving their first PULSE Lab research presentations:

Symposium website: