Journal Paper Accepted to Frontiers in Photonics

Congratulations to Eduardo González! His first-author paper entitled Acoustic Frequency-Based Approach for Identification of Photoacoustic Surgical Biomarkers was accepted for publication in the journal Frontiers in Photonics.

This paper demonstrates a novel approach to accurately identify biological markers by analyzing the acoustic frequency response from either a single-wavelength emission (i.e., single-wavelength atlas method) or two consecutive wavelength emissions (i.e., dual-wavelength atlas method). The proposed approach relies on training sets to identify photoacoustic-sensitive materials, is robust against changes in fluence levels, and has comparable sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy to those obtained with conventional and enhanced spectral unmixing methods. This paper is part of the journal’s research topic Biophotonics Technologies for Clinical Translation.

Citation: González EA, Graham CA, Bell MAL, Acoustic frequency-based approach for identification of photoacoustic surgical biomarkers, Frontiers in Photonics, 2, 2021 [pdf]