Prof. Bell Presents JBO Webinar on Photoacoustic Imaging

JBO webinars were created after the world switched to virtual activities. They help to keep us connected, featuring talks and discussions about some of the hottest technologies in biomedical optics. Brian Pogue, MacLean Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Biomedical Optics is the host of this webinar series, with luminaries Lihong Wang and Paul Beard as the moderators for the invited session featuring Dr. Bell.

A replay of this webinar on Photoacoustic Imaging: The Next Generation includes Dr. Bell’s invited presentation on Photoacoustic imaging for Surgical and Interventional Guidance. Dr. Bell’s presentation starts at the 40 min mark (although viewing of all presentations is encouraged to gain a broader perspective of the current state of the field).

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